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Innervoice Music

PhotoPhoto by Noah GodinGreen

Littlewheel is available
as a duo, trio or quartet
with bass and/or percussion. Engaging music for a variety
of settings... from intimate café
to outdoor festival.

Art Godin and Joanna Green have been familiar performers in the Ithaca, NY area for over two decades. After years
of working with various groups of local musicians, they’ve settled down recently to perform together as the husband-wife duo Littlewheel.

Littlewheel's eclectic repertoire includes lots of originals, choice standards and off-beat covers in a mix of jazz, swing, latin, folk, blues, country, and Irish flavors. Instruments include acoustic guitar, violin, vibes, djembe and hand percussion.

Before setting Littlewheel into motion, Joanna and Art played and recorded with numerous local musicians including Molly MacMillan, Dave Davies, Jody Kessler and Patti Witten. (607) 342-5429